Tracy has been a Certified Shiatsu Therapist for 15+years, graduating from the California Medical School of Shiatsu in 1996 and is a member of American Massage & Bodywork Professionals.

Tracy began studying music, metaphysical arts and intuitive healing at the age of 8, along with the circus art forms unicycling and juggling. He currently teaches his style of work to select students and continually expands his knowledge of the healing arts.

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Tracy Tucker, CST
Namikoshi Shiatsu & Anma Massage
History of Namikoshi Shiatsu

Tokujiro Namikoshi, the creator of Namikoshi Shiatsu, was born on November 3, 1905.  At the age of seven, his family moved from a warm climate inland to a harsh northern Island. Tokujiro’s mother began to complain of pain in her knees.  The pain soon spread to her ankles, wrists, elbows and shoulders, and developed into what is now known as multiple-rheumatism of the joints.

The children took turns stroking and pressing the parts of her body that hurt. Gradually her pain decreased and she would tell young Tokujiro, “Your hands feel best”.  His hands and fingers sensed differences in the skin condition, heat and stiffness. He adjusted his pressing over time and discovered that the most effective method was to use 80 percent pressure and 20 percent rubbing.

Since Namikoshi was pressing on both sides of the middle region of the spine, he had been unknowingly stimulating the suprarenal body to secrete cortisone, which cures rheumatism. He eventually brought about a complete cure. This process taught him the powers of healing built into the human body. This was the birth of his system of Shiatsu.

Why It Works!

In Namikoshi Shiatsu, the pressure point location and the effectiveness are based on modern anatomy, physiology and pathology. Assessment and therapy are combined. The hands of the trained therapist are sensitive enough to detect abnormalities in the skin or muscles on contact and thus are able to determine an appropriate course of care.

Namikoshi Shiatsu treats the whole body, since everything is connected and every component influences another. Then it focuses on the local area that needs more attention. Namikoshi Shiatsu affects the superficial and deep tissues, as well as the fascial, myofascial, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, eliminative and Craniosacral systems.

Pressure on the cells helps to move toxins that have become stagnant with disease, lack of use, or trauma. This produces a rejuvenation effect at the cellular level, enhancing cell function, increasing cellular metabolism and lengthening the life of each individual cell while extending the time tissues can exist in a state of health.

Namikoshi Shiatsu compressions help to realign muscle tone and eliminate restrictions in joint movements. This produces results of a longer duration than other treatments, depending on the severity of the problem.

Namikoshi Shiatsu works with the components of the body as one inseparable whole. One part affects another.

Tracy Tucker graduated from the California School of Shiatsu in 1996. Namikoshi himself commisioned the school to open here in California in 1974.